3D INDIANA ( 3D Interactive Digital Anatomy) is a digital rendition of the art and science that Anatomy is.Anatomy is the study of the body and the relationship of its parts.3D INDIANA is an Indian attempt to reconstruct the human body 3-dimensionally so as to easily peruse the complex details and the relations of its parts .Each and every structure in the human body is digitally sculpted and deployed in its true anatomical positions , based on CTs,MRIs,real time dissections and authentic text books.It has been developed by the consistent efforts of a group of various related professionals for the last three years.
A fully navigable and delightfully user-friendly 3D environment lets the user cruise amongst the rich details of the body. Touch any object with the mouse ,the name of the object is immediately displayed.Every structure is constructed with its ultimate details and can be rotated ,hidden ,zoomed, made transparent,grouped and viewed in either their systemic or regional orientations.A user can search for any structure by typing its name into a search box .A small annotation on the displayed structure describing its essential features and a Dissection Mode allowing the user to follow a predefined pattern of real time dissection are currently being added to.

"It’s more real than the real thing"------------Times of India

"3DIndiana would be a substitute for cadavers in Medical colleges soon"---------The New Indian Express